Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Future of SOUL - Oscah

Get prepared to be bombarded in 2011 by music from this talented vocalist. Oscah is about to hit the world with a tremendous amount of material. His singing style has been compared to Al Green, J’Davey, ATCQ, O’ Bryan, and Marvin Gaye. His songs include “Do U Right,” “I.O.U.,” “Seasons Change,” “Don’t Stop Your Love,” and “All the Way.” Over the next few months, we will be following him through vblog posts, videos and music. If you like what you hear, make sure to hit him up on twitter and tell him what you think about his music.

Did I forget to mention that Oscah and I are currently working on a project together entitled "Anatomy of the Ear"? It should be completed by summer 2011. I'll keep you posted! Check out some of the music we've worked on over the past two years.

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